Murder Investigation Continues

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ROGUE RIVER, Ore. — Caution tape blocks off the private driveway that leads to a property where two sets of human remains have been found. The road to this point in the investigation began on New Year’s Day.

“On January 1st of this year, we received a missing person report. Family members of Robert Harry Haney had reported they hadn’t seen or heard from him in a few months,” said Jackson County Sheriff’s Detective Julie Denney.

The investigation by the sheriff’s office led them to an address in Rogue River. Initially, they wanted to question 65-year-old Susan Monica on charges of identity theft. It was then they found much more.

“While serving a search warrant for identity theft, at Susan Monica’s property on Friday, we discovered evidence of human remains,” said Det. Denney.

Officials are still awaiting results from the medical examiner, but they said Robert Haney was living in a camper on Monica’s twenty acre property at the time of the September 9th murder. Officials said it was about that time that Monica began using Haney’s Oregon Trail card. A second set of human remains was found, and while investigators work on identifying that person, they believe that homicide took place in August of 2012.

As far as more victims, investigators aren’t ruling it out.

“We don’t have specific information that leads us to believe that, but we can’t rule that out at this time,” said Det. Denney.

Investigators say Monica lived on the property for about 20 years and more details on the murders will have to wait until all the evidence can be analyzed.

Specifics on the abuse of corpse charges were not available, however officials said there was evidence indicating the charges.

“The specific language in that statute refers to dismemberment or mutilation. That is the charge the district attorney’s office felt was appropriate based on the evidence in this case,” said Det. Denney.