Multiple Wildfires in Southern Oregon

Courtesy: Debbie Miller

Courtesy: Debbie Miller

MEDFORD, Ore. — A haze sits over Southern Oregon and the smell of smoke is in the air as firefighters continue to respond to multiple wildfires in the area.

The column of smoke that was visible from Medford on Friday was from the Whisky Fire. The fire is a part of what BLM is calling the Whisky Complex, which consists of three fires, the largest of which is the Whisky Fire at 800 acres. The other two fires are the Buckeye Fire at 150 acres and the Big Brother Fire at 10 acres. The Whisky Complex is burning in the Umpqua National Forest area.

The Bureau of Land Management says the Douglas Complex, which includes about 40 fires along the Douglas/Josephine County line, is estimated to total about 4,000 acres. Most of the acres are from fires near Rabbit Mountain and Dad’s Creek in Douglas County. Many of the smaller fires are contained but may require additional work and monitoring over the next few days.

On the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest, officials say the Labrador Fire has grown to approximately 300 acres in size and remains active on all perimeters. Officials say the fire is located west of the Illinois River downstream of Oak Flat and is either burning close to, or may have moved into, the Kalmiopsis Wilderness.

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  1. Tim Hubbard says:

    When the fire gets into the wilderness area–are they going to set down there chainsaws and park all there motorized equipment and let it burn for a couple of months like they did during the biscuit fire?

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