Grass Fires Along Blackwell Road

Fires Along Blackwell RdCENTRAL POINT, Ore. — Multiple grass fire popped up within minutes of each other in Central Point late Thursday afternoon.

All three fires were along Blackwell Road, spread across a stretch a few miles long. Each fire was on the right hand side of the road and fire crews are still investigating a possible cause.

Crews from the Oregon Department of Forestry and Fire District 3 were able to quickly put the fires out. Two of the fires were about half an acre in size and the third was very small, estimated at less than an eighth of an acre. Fire officials say the weather was on their side.

“You know, even though it’s hot and dry, we didn’t have any wind at the time and we were able to get enough resources on the scene, that they were able to get a handle on it really quick,” said Fire District 3 Don Hickman.

The fires also temporarily shut down Blackwell Road because of fire fighting vehicles.