Body of Missing Man Found in Lane County

Missing ManMEDFORD, Ore. — The body of a missing Phoenix resident James Lutter was found in Lane County on Sunday morning.

Police acted on a tip from a member of the public and found Lutter’s body near a remote forest service road. He was pinned under his motorcycle about 15 feet from the road down a 12 feet embankment.

He was on a trip headed to John Day, and then on to Medford using back roads. Police said he was riding a white Triumph “Tiger” motorcycle wearing a lime green and black helmet.

Police said Saturday that his cell phone’s last known location put him in the Big River in Southern Lane County area. Jackson, Lane and Douglas counties participated in the search.


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  1. Shannon says:

    This man looks very familiar to me, as does the description of his motorcycle. But I have not seen him lately. Back in July of 2011, we met two motor cyclists while taking back roads into Southern Oregon. They were heading north-westerly, and we were heading south-easterly. We paused and met off a numbered BLM road off of Grave Creek Road that eventually connects up to Snow Creek Pass Road. There is no GPS or cell phone service out there, and very few signs of human occupation, yet alone housing or shelter. The men we met traveled light, gratefully ate some of our food and drink with us, and asked us directions for the route where we came from. I don’t think the men we met had a paper map. Again, this was back in 2011, but I’m mentioning it because it might be this man’s chosen route into Southern Oregon because it is very back road and beautiful. There are so many primitive roads out in that area that even a skilled map reader could easily get lost. And there is no cell phone or GPS service for dozens and dozens of miles around. He could have easily been following a familiar route, may have had to turn around due to fire damage in the area or something, and got lost or ran out of gas. Again, I haven’t seen this man lately, but I believe I may have seen him in July of 2011. I’m sharing this in the hopes that maybe someone in the area can map the route I’m talking about and go for a drive through the area. I’m hoping he is found soon!

  2. Shannon says:

    Such very sad news :'( My condolences go out to his family and friends.

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