Multiple BMW Thefts In Medford

MEDFORD, Ore. – After one BMW car was stolen off a dealership lot, a second report now has police on the hunt for the thief they believe is tied to both incidents.

Last week, Medford Police received a call from a janitor at Medford BMW saying two men were trying to break into a car. Police scared off the two men, but not for long; they returned shortly after and drove off with a car.

Sheriff officials spotted the thieves; that pursuit led to a high speed chase. One man was identified as Bobby Charlton, but the other suspect managed to get away.

“We don’t really know why they are targeting the BMW dealership. It’s pretty brazen, they were caught once, they’re probably going to be caught again. It really doesn’t make a lot of sense,” said Medford Police Lieutenant Mike Budreau.

Police believe Charlton’s accomplice could be responsible for the second car theft. Keys to that car went missing the same day the other vehicle was stolen.