Mt. Ashland Summer Projects Underway

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ASHLAND, Ore. — The lifts have only been closed for a few weeks on Mount Ashland but the first phase of their summer project is already wrapping up.

Crews are finishing up the process of cutting down trees to widen existing runs to increase safety and decrease congestion on the slopes, and officials say the remaining snow played a big role in their timing.

This is the first step in the summer list at Mt. Ashland which also includes adding one hundred and one additional parking spaces. Workers wanted to get a jump on the project and use the snow to their advantage because it makes less of an impact on the environment as well as their budget.

Project manager Woodie Tesh explains why, “Without doing the logging on top of the snow pack, we wouldn’t have been able to do it with our snow cats.”

“We would have either had to purchase or rent equipment to do it.”

The logs will remain where they are until later this summer when trucks can come and haul them away. Work on expanding the parking lot is not expected to begin until August. This first phase of the project is expected to come to an end by Friday but officials want to remind the public to stay away from any of the down logs until they can be picked up later this summer.