Mt. Ashland Preparing To Open

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ASHLAND, Ore. – The Mount Ashland Ski Area is training its employees and prepping the mountain for ski season, but officials are hoping the weather cooperates this week.

Mt. Ashland officials said the ski area will most likely not open this weekend, but in the meantime, 80 new hires are training getting ready to go once the ski area does open.

Ski area officials said the 80 new hires, plus 40 returning employees, will be working the mountain this ski season. Officials are tracking the weather hoping for snow, but they also hope the rain will not melt away the snow already built up. They said the weekends weather will determine when the ski area could open.

β€œIt’s that period that’s kind of iffy. Because if we do get a good shot of snow and we do end up getting some rain Friday night or Saturday that could negate some of the gains that we make toward building that base,” said Mt. Ashland Ski Area Spokesman Rick Saul.

Currently the mountain has 6 to 15 inches of snow at the bottom of the bowl and 6 inches at the lodge. Officials say 22 to 26 inches of packed snow would be an ideal condition to open up. If more snow falls next week, officials are hoping to open up the ski area early December. Mt. Ashland is giving away up to 300 free lift tickets for anyone who can guess the opening date.