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ASHLAND, Ore. – The Mt. Ashland Ski Area is bustling with activity as workers prepare for the season open Thursday morning. For only the fourth time since the year 2000, Mt. Ashland is having an early opening.

The snow has fallen, the gear is in place, and ski lift ramps are taking shape. Recent storms helped deliver a strong base for the slopes; at last report receiving 27 inches, which is enough to not only open early, but to do it with a bang, opening all four lifts.

Workers are busy preparing the ski area. An estimated 500 skiers and snowboarders are expected on opening day, coming from around the region. Despite some rain on the mount, officials say while it may not be powder, skiers and snowboarders won’t have to worry about crunchy slopes.

As workers prepare to open the slopes, they’re using something a little different this year: the invention of a local man, called the LoopRope. So far, Mt. Ashland says it’s making things a little easier. The bright orange cords can be seen holding up pads around the ski area. Crews have been busy preparing for Thursday’s opening, with the simplified bungee, the LoopRope. It’s the first time ski patrol is using the Medford-based company’s product to hold up the pads on its slopes.

The local invention is expected to save the ski patrol time and manpower, because throughout the season, these pads have to be lifted to match the snow level. So far, mt. A says its already saved time in setup, saving about 15 minutes putting up each pad.

The LoopRopes are in place, and the snow is most definitely in place, all ready for the 9 a.m. opening on Thursday.

Click here to see more on how Mt. Ashland staff are using LoopRope.

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    The uses for LoopRope are truly endless as evidenced by this report on Mt. Ashland.

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