Mt. Ashland Parking Expansion Appealed


MT. ASHLAND, Ore. — A parking lot expansion on Mt. Ashland is being appealed.

Mt. Ashland has received United States Forest Service, Oregon Department of Environmental Quality and Jackson County approval to expand its parking lot by 101 spaces, but citizen activist Eric Navickas is appealing the project.

He believes the parking lot would impact the surrounding environment.

“Bringing more cars up in this pristine area will be detrimental, and it does include different amounts of soil movement cutting and filling and placing soil into the Ashland watershed,” said Navickas.

An environmental impact study has been done on the area to show the environmental effects building the parking lot.  The study shows the project will not harm the environment according to the guidelines in the National Environmental Policy Act.

According to Mt. Ashland officials, the parking lot expansion would provide a safer environment for guests on crowded days.

Mt. Ashland is funding the expansion through donations from citizens and community partners.  So far they have raised more than $200,000, and said they would continue their fundraising efforts through the appeal.

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  1. Beth says:

    Give it up Mr. Navickas, it’s all about the money in this valley.

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