Mt. Ashland to Break Late Opening Record

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MT. ASHLAND, Ore. — On Tuesday, Mount Ashland will break its record for latest opening date ever.

On Sunday, it was a windy, snowy sight on the mountain.  For the first time in a long time, there was snow and it was sticking.

“We received four inches of snow last night which was a nice surprise,” said Mt. Ashland General Manager, Kim Clark.. “There was actually quite a bit more than what we’d expected.”

However, that is not enough for the mountain to open, which means this year Mount Ashland will be opening the latest it ever has, surpassing its previous record date for latest opening set back on February 17, 1977.

“That was a record we didn’t want to break, but there is no chance we are going to get open by tomorrow,” said Clark.

Mount Ashland says it’s ready to open any day, but the weather needs to cooperate.   For now, the mountain says patience is the key.

“Hang in there… hang in with us and do whatever you need to do… do your snow dances and anything along that line and we will work through this together,” said Clark.