Mt. Ashland Not Offering Pass Refunds

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MT. ASHLAND, Ore. — More than a month into ski season — Mount Ashland still does not have enough snow to open.

Season pass holders are growing restless as the ski season remains at a standstill, but the mountain says it will not be issuing refunds.

The mountain says season pass holders take a leap of faith that the weather will be cooperative. They even sign an agreement stating that no refunds will be given if the mountain does not open for some reason.

Only five Mt. Ashland employees are working part time… Much of that time spent answering phone calls from concerned season pass holders

“What our contract says and what our terms and conditions say that everyone signed is that there are no refunds are followers… that’s the line we are holding at this point,” said Mt. Ashland General Manager, Kim Clark.

Mt. Ashland is staying optimistic.  In the past 50 years, they’ve never not had a ski season, and this year they hope will be no different.

There are at least 45 days left to ski, but there is no set date for when the mountain will have to call it quits.

“We will keep open as long as our guests keep coming up, and we can break even on operations and keep rolling,” said Clark.

Many Mt. Ashland season pass holders are hoping to break even too because right now they are losing a lot of money.

“You know it’s frustrating… you can’t really point a finger at anybody,” said season pass holder Jim Holdermann.

Holdermann and his family all have season passes that they bought at a discount price last spring, but still if you do the math… each season pass cost $289 … compared to $46 a day for a ski lift pass.

In order to break even that means each season pass holder will need to visit the mountain six times.

For Holdermann, this means he spend more than $1,000 that he could just be out if the mountain doesn’t open, but he’s not letting that affect his loyalty.

“As far as next year will i buy a season pass… yeah I probably will because I spend enough time up there,” said Holdermann.

Mt. Ashland says most pass holders have been supportive.

“At this point we’re just trying to stay positive… Keep our fingers crossed that everything works out and we can get the doors open,” said Clark.


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  1. Homer says:

    This is exactly why my friends and I will NEVER ski Ash land ever again. First they increased their ticket prices that started to rival Mt. Bachelors, now they are telling pass holders you’re S.O.L. because the weather hasn’t cooperated? So sad.. sorry. Thanks for your cash.

    While true the contract says no guarantee when you buy that pass, but not give them SOME kind break if the snow doesn’t arrive? That may contractually legal, but it is NOT ethical IMO.
    I seriously hope they will reconsider and offer SOME kind of carrot if the snow doesn’t come.

    For my friends and I, it’s Mt. Bachelor or even Shasta. They may be a longer drive, but Bachelor for example, makes Mt. Ashland look like a mole-hill. I’d much rather go up there and spend a few days skiing their incredible runs than ski the few on Ashland.
    I realize Ashland has been trying desperately to expand. I hope some day they can, but until they can get through the bureaucracy, nothing will get done.

    Sorry Mt. Ashland, but this former ski patron can’t get behind you on this one.


  2. Debra says:

    I will never buy a Season Pass again! No refund? Not even a partial! Shame on you Mt. Ashland!

  3. lynn cox says:

    this is an outrage, you should at the very least offer next years pass to the ones that purchased this years pass at a discount rate.

  4. Cinderella says:

    woah, such rage towards a company that is just trying to stay afloat during a drought that is hitting A LOT of smaller ski areas in the PacNW.
    They have yet to say bottom line they’re not doing any refunds. “That’s the line we’re holding at this point” Clark said. At this point being the key phrase If they can get the mountain open and have some sort of a season to offer, GREAT! That’s what you’re buying when you get the $200 discount during a preseason sale…. you’re buying a SEASON. Unfortunately, this SEASON is going to be a short one. To come back at them and say “Yeah, I know what the contract says, BUT…” is ridiculous.
    Call any other mountain that isn’t open yet – they’ll tell you the same thing. A ski area wouldn’t suddenly make you pay MORE for your pass that you had already purchased if it looked to be a long, powdery, wonderful season…. just the same, they’re not going to give you a refund for something that is beyond their control, like the weather.

  5. Ryan Navickas says:

    I won’t ski Ashland either, although I used to. I don’t like the machismo attitudes of the ski patrols, and I don’t like their lousy plan to bulldoze 76 acres of beautiful wetland wilderness for expansion. These guys have squandered their coffers on this lousy plan instead of fixing up their infrastructure. I bought a season pass years ago, and guess what, No Snow! Expansion wouldn’t change that fact. Try investing in customer service as a business plan!

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