Mt. Ashland Hires New General Manager

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MT ASHLAND, Ore. — It was a challenging winter for Mount Ashland. Not enough snow fell to get the lifts up and running for the first time in the slope’s history. The off-season has been busy and officials said the hire of a general manager will get them back on track to improving the skiing experience.

The lifts stand still on Mt. Ashland, as they have since the spring of 2013. Coming out of a ski season where little snow fell, new changes will be ready to go this year.

“Our goal is that the experience for everyone up there is going to be that much better. We did have some things in place and were planning to offer for last season when Mother Nature just didn’t cooperate,” said Mt. Ashland Association President Lisa Beam.

In May it was announced the year-round general manager position would be eliminated. That position is not only back, but now filled with a candidate they said best represents their new direction.

“Somebody with more community mindedness and background with working within their community, was first and foremost for us,” said Beam.

Hiram Towle will be taking over as general manager next month. He has worked at Sunday River ski resort in Maine and said he’s ready to move forward, past last year’s lack of snow.

“For every one challenge that I heard about there, I saw tat least ten amazing opportunities,” said Towle.

Towle said he will focus on making Mount Ashland year-round destination.

“Any challenges that come from weather or economy, you kind of have to bolster that by being year-round,” said Towle.

Connecting back to the community remains the focus.

“We need to get people excited and see  skiing fun and be up there using what is  so close to many of our hearts,” said Beam.