Movie Company Files Copyright Complaint

MEDFORD, Ore. — According to the US District Court Oregon Division, Voltage Pictures, LLC alleges 34 local residents illegally downloaded and distributed a movie called “Maximum Conviction.” According to the complaint, the 34 defendants are from Medford, Central Point, Talent, Klamath Falls and Shady Cove, among other Southern Oregon communities.

“Maximum Conviction” stars Steven Seagal and Steve Austin. Click here for more of the motion picture details.

Voltage Pictures, LLC wants $30,000 for copyright infringement from each defendant. On top of that, the company seeks $150,000 in damages should the Court find willfull conduct.

At this point, no names are released. The film company released IP (internet protocol) addresses of the computers connected used in the downloading process. Those users get services through Charter Communications, Century Link, Clearwire Corporation, Frontier Communications and Embarq Corporation.

As stated in the complaint, the movie company believes the users perceive those connected to the motion picture industry are already wealthy and “do not need any more money.” Voltage Pictures, LLC says the anonymity of downloading makes the users feel “justified in their pirating or theft of motion pictures.”

The bulk of the illegal activity was allegedly used through the use of BitTorrent.



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  1. J says:

    I rented this movie and it would of been better if I stuck daggers in my eye. I bet it did not cost them 30K to make this movie. Box office Epic Fail!

  2. jasmin10 says:

    The major offense these people are “guilty” of is bad taste!

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