Mounted Horse Archery Competition

horse archery 2EAGLE POINT, Ore. – This weekend, a local group played host to a national tournament for a sport gaining popularity all over the world. Eagle Point Amazon Archer and Rogue Mounted Archers Clubs gathered to battle it out in a thousand year old sport.

On the international stage, from Mongolia, Hungary, Korea, all across Europe, and here in the United States, mounted archery is growing in popularity. More than two dozen athletes came from all over the country to compete in the near week-long competition.

“Rogue Mounted Archers here, you know, were very small, and were just trying to get the word out. A lot of people have never even seen it, you know and we hear a lot ‘I could never do this, my horse could never do this’…its bologna, you can do it, you get the Brave on,” said Darran Wardel, with Rogue Mounted Archers.

The game is scored by the time it takes to run the 90 meter stretch, and is also based on the accuracy of each target hit or not hit.