Mountain Biker Dies in Accident

Mountain Biker DiesCENTRAL POINT, Ore. — Jackson County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a report of an injured mountain biker on Old Military Road in Central Point on Saturday just after 4 p.m.

Deputies say Craig Lyle, 54, was lying near his mountain bike in the middle of a dirt road. Officials say he was pronounced dead at the scene.

A couple riding an off-highway vehicle in the area told police they saw Lyle pass them at a high rate of speed as they were locking a gate. Upon leaving, the couple told police they saw Lyle on the ground with his bike not far from where they first saw him.

Sheriff’s deputies say the cause of his death is unknown at this time. Investigators believe it is possible that he may have lost control of his bike or attempted to avoid an obstacle.

Police say Lyle was wearing a helmet, gloves, riding gear and a GPS tracking unit at the time of the accident.

Old Military Road leads to an area known as John’s Peak, between Jacksonville and Central Point.

Next of kin have been notified.