Motorcycle Crash Kills Central Point Man

Motorcycle Crash Kills PersonCENTRAL POINT, Ore. — Oregon State Police report a fatal crash on Highway 99 about one mile south of I-5 in Jackson County.

Officers say 31-year old William Hammon from Central Point died Saturday afternoon while operating his motorcycle at a high rate of speed on Scenic Avenue and failing to stop at a stop sign before colliding into the side of a horse trailer. Oregon State Police (OSP) say they’re continuing the investigation.

OSP reports the victim was operating a Yamaha R6 motorcycle southbound on Scenic Avenue at a high rate of speed when he went through a stop sign. Officers say the motorcycle crashed into the side of a horse trailer being pulled by a pickup southbound on Highway 99.

The victim was ejected from the motorcycle and then struck by the wheels of a semi-trailer pulled by a commercial truck following the pickup and horse trailer. Hammon was pronounced deceased at the scene. He was wearing a protective helmet, according to police.


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  1. doc says:

    helmets are great..however they do not protect against stupidity.
    accidents almost always occur when some one is showing off,
    just rotten luck this guy got run over by the trailing semi..sad..i grieve for his families loss.

    1. Gabe says:

      Have some damn class doc, nobody needs to sight stupidity in this horrible situation. Obviously if he blew a stop something should have gone differently, but you can keep the word stupidity out of your mouth, this guy has passed and that’s tragic. The news detailing his death is not the place to post stupid jokes.

  2. jen says:

    Doesn’t Scenic run east/west? How can you be southbound? My heart goes out to the family & friends.

  3. PR says:

    Doc – So you were there? You KNOW that he was showing off, or as you put it being stupid???? Maybe you should get your facts straight before posting your comments. The family and friends have enough to think about, and grieve over without your STUPID comments. Next time keep them to yourself.

  4. Dr.db says:

    We see quite a few motorcyclists pass our house daily at double the speed limit, headed for that very intersection. And we often comment on the probable shortness of their life span. Apparently Mr. Hammon forgot that you need to hit the brakes BEFORE the railroad tracks on Scenic… He probably just put on his brakes without any rubber on the ground.

  5. JG says:

    This was my son-in-laws son, and Billy may have been going fast but there may have been a problem with the hydralics according to a friend of his. Doc you should be ashamed of yourself for saying such hurtful things without knowing all the facts. He was a great guy, grandson, son, and father and he was an experienced motorcycle rider. Even we don’t know all the facts.

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