Mother’s Day Flowers

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MEDFORD Ore. — This year nearly two-thirds of Americans will get their mothers flowers for Mother’s Day according to a recent survey by the National Retail Federation.

Local florists around the Rogue Valley say they are feeling the stress with the most demanding time of the year upon them. B Cazwell’s Floral Dezines says Mother’s Day is its busiest time of the year, but orders are spread out through the week. This makes the rush easier to manage, unlike other┬áholidays like Valentine’s Day.

B Cazwell’s is bringing in extra staff, designers, and delivery personnel to help deal with the high demand. ┬áSabrina Carroll, owner of B Cazwell’s says, “We either stay late or we come in early and I’ve been known to stay overnight, but yeah, we do extra work hours and make sure we get everything we’ve committed to done for the moms to enjoy their flowers.”

Carroll says the sooner people order the better because the flowers will be fresher. Carroll explains, “For those who are looking to send flowers to mom, the earlier you get your order in and let us deliver it, you get the freshest product. It’s kind of a win-win if you order early.”

To keep the flowers perky and alive longer, florists say to keep the water level up in the vase, change it periodically, and cut the stems if they start getting soggy.