Mother Baking in Strike Solidarity

MEDFORD TEACHERS COOKIESMEDFORD, Ore. — Medford teachers being on strike has caused mixed reactions from parents, students and community members alike.

Jerilyn Pool, a mother of two children in the Medford School District, says she supports the teachers 100%.

“It’s getting the community involved. Before we were just spectators, but now we have skin in the game because our kids are involved,” said.

She and her children came out on Thursday to support the Medford teachers in their own special way. Her goal was to bake 50 dozen cookies to then give out to teachers on the picket lines.

She and her kids were delivering cookies to teachers all day. She says her two children aren’t affecting by the strike just yet, for now they are just seeing it as a few days off.

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  1. Jacqueline Taylor says:

    Thank you, Mrs. Pool! What a huge amount of money and work you invested! Every delicious cookie was deeply appreciated, down to the last bite, guaranteed.

    What if everyone responded to crisis with love, as you have done and have taught your children to do? Parents in Medford Schools have far more power than they know, and you just used some of your power to be positive and caring.

    May both sides of this conflict find peace in your kindness.

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