Most Recent Fire Information


GRANTS PASS, Ore. — The SW Oregon Joint Information Center will be holding a press conference later this afternoon at the Grants Pass Interagency Office to give updates regarding the fires burning in Josephine & Douglas Counties. Currently there are 3,585 personnel staffed.

The latest fire acreage and containment is listed below.

Douglas Complex 25,396 acres, 5%
Labrador 1,750 acres, 0%
Big Windy 2,914 acres, 0%
Brimstone 2,000 acres, 10%
Whisky Fire 3,080 acres, 10%



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  1. logick says:

    I certaintly hope they they don’t just give us information on firefighting efforts and include health risks and more advisorys that just staying indoors … some of us have to work and are exposed to this stuff occationaly like it or not.

  2. Concerned Parent says:

    I hope someone addresses the powers that be that run HellGate Excursions. They are still taking people up river. Whats worse is they are making the kids work in these conditions up at OK Corral where the smoke is way worse than in Grants Pass. All for money. Total disreguard for the safety of clients and employees.

  3. Felinelvr says:

    Please pray for the safety of the men and women fighting these fires. Two years ago my brother lost his life fighting a fire in Southern California. He was 56 years old. The firefighters need your support and prayers along with the people, homes and animals living in these areas.

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