Most Active Thunderstorm Days Ahead

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Today and tomorrow will be the most active thunderstorm days with storms popping up around the same time as yesterday and increasing in intensity through the early evening. Expect isolated thunderstorms in Siskiyou county and east of the Cascades by mid-morning becoming more numerous in the afternoon and evening. Storms will hold off until the afternoon for west side valleys in southern Oregon. While most storms will not reach severe thunderstorm potential, we’ve already seen several become warned for severe weather and we likely will again today and tomorrow. Be prepare for conditions to change quickly in the afternoons when storms form and be able to get some place safe indoors. Storms can produce heavy rain, gusty winds, hail and abundant lightning.

Thunderstorm activity will be high again tomorrow before calmer weather arrives Sunday for west side valleys and northern California. There is still the potential for isolated thunderstorms along and east of the Cascades Sunday, but storms will not be quite as potent or widespread as they have been this week.

Temperatures through the weekend will be 5 to 8 degrees cooler than normal. Smoke won’t be as big of a problem this weekend as rain washes some of it out and instability lifts it into the higher elevations. There are a lot of factors for next week for the smoke including how much gets washed out this weekend and of course fire growth. With high pressure back in the forecast for next, if fires stay at current conditions we’ll see smoke thicken again.

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Meteorologist Megan Parry