More Widespread Afternoon Thunderstorms

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Today there is more moisture in the atmosphere due to onshore flow rather than the dry offshore flow we had this weekend, this will lead to more numerous thunderstorms this afternoon and evening and the potential for locally heavy rain in storms. Heavy rain may lead to street flooding so if you see flooding on the roads be sure to Turn Around Don’t Drown because you do not know how deep the water is. The other National Weather Service slogan to remember today is the if you Hear Thunder Roar, Head Indoors due to the potential for thunderstorms today. While thunderstorms today will carry with them more rain than what we saw over the weekend, lightning can strike up to ten miles from rainfall and even though the storm may produce heavy rain it can still create dry lightning in areas outside of the rainfall.

The main threats of thunderstorms today will be locally heavy rain, gusty winds up to 25 to 30 mph, and fire starts due to lightning. A Red Flag Warning for eastern Siskiyou county continues today until 10pm for abundant lightning with dry fuels. Any fire that due start near thunderstorms may spread quickly due to strong winds. Be sure to keep fire safety in mind, especially this week.

The greatest potential for thunderstorms will be in the mountains and in northern California, with only a slight chance at the coast, but all of our region today and tomorrow has the ability to see thunderstorms. The chance for thunderstorms will be present through midweek but diminish each day and we get a break from the storms at the end of the week before a cold front bring rain this weekend.

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Meteorologist Megan Parry