More Victims In Gymnastics Abuse Case

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MEDFORD, Ore. – The investigation continues in the case of a Medford gymnastics coach facing charges of encouraging child sex abuse. Officials say the number of potential victims has more than doubled since information was first released on Monday.

Jeffrey Bettman was arrested at his home last Friday, after the Southern Oregon High Tech Crimes Task Force served a search warrant regarding downloaded child pornography from his IP address. Investigators then learned that, between who was a coach at U Sports in Grants Pass at the time, had been setting up private photo shoots with some of the gymnasts and secretly video taping them as they changed in a make shift changing room.

Detectives on the case say the number of victims could now be upwards of 60 children, between the ages of 7 to 15. Investigators say they believe the lewd photographs were taken only during the private photo shoots and not while coaching. If your child had a photo session with Bettman, officials urge you to contact the Southern Oregon High Tech Crimes Task Force.

Bettman had previously worked as a coach at the Southern Oregon Gymnastics Academy in Medford before being fired in the spring of 2008 for undisclosed reasons. So far investigators say the lewd photos date back to as far as 2003.


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  1. CS says:

    Sad and Sick….
    I feel terrible for SOGA that he was a coach there at one time. SOGA is a wonderful place! My son was in a tumbling class there many years ago. He is autistic and they were so very kind and patient with him, in fact my son has been asking to go back and we WILL! I will be praying that this does not negatively affect their wonderful gym.

  2. andy says:

    It is unbelievable that there are not sufficient background checks on men (or women) when working with children. This could have saved a lot of children un-needed hardship and humiliation if; One, the California officials would have done more when it was first reported that he was acting inappropriately, Two, U sports of Grants Pass and Southern Oregon gymnastics academy would have done better background checks.

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