More Than 4,000 Lightning Strikes

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It was a very active Tuesday across the state of Oregon as thunderstorms developed left and right producing frequent lightning, hail and heavy rain. About 1,200 lightning strikes were reported over Jackson County alone and about 4,500 for Southern Oregon and Northern California. I’d suspect the state-wide count would be roughly double this.

Storms traveled north, northeast through inland counties of our forecast area and those to our north. We’re still waiting to hear from ODF and other fire agencies regarding lightning induced fires but suspect a growing number of smoke reports to continue throughout the day as a result. As of 8am, I am hearing of 29 new starts so far.

Fortunately for firefighting efforts, skies will be partly to mostly cloudy through the morning …keeping temperatures on the cooler side. Also, rain is likely with a front traveling through the Northwest. The front will pass to our east by the afternoon and skies will clear some. Showers look to move through the Valley this morning, tapering off by lunchtime. Early afternoon will bring a few showers to Klamath County.

Isolated storms are possible with this front and once it passes …as skies clear some. Tonight, the clear conditions will allow for a cold night to unfold east of the Cascades. Morning lows will be in the 30’s and 40’s here. Skies will stay clear through early next week. Temperatures will then soar into the weekend. Triple digits are once again likely across our valleys by Sunday.

VIEWERS, thank you for sharing pictures/videos, etc. from the storms yesterday. Your reports are very helpful and we try to get as much as we can on the air! The easiest way for us to get your stuff on the air is through Facebook (not so much email)! Continue to send your stuff in & we’ll continue sharing!

Meteorologist Alyssa Caroprese

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