More Teen Girls Admit to Binge Drinking

MEDFORD, Ore. – A new study says more teenage girls are binge drinking, and officials are warning about the health risks.

A report by the Center for Disease Control said one out of five high school-aged girls admit to binge drinking, which is defined as four or more drinks in a two hour period.

Experts said women process alcohol differently than men, and are more susceptible to its effects. Women and teen girls are also more at risk for liver disease, heart disease and stroke as a result of binge drinking.

The Addictions Recovery Center in Medford said teens who binge drink are more likely to develop serious addictions to alcohol or other drugs.

“Any drug is going to prime that pump, and if you’re binge drinking at an early age, it’s setting your brain up to develop more likelihood of alcoholism and addiction,” explained Darryl Inaba, at the Addictions Recovery Center.

The CDC also reported that binge drinking rates have gone down for teenage boys in the past 10 years.