More Sun & Spring-Like Weather

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High pressure remains in control of our weather and plenty of sun is on the way again today. High temperatures on Wednesday made it into the 70’s west of the Cascades and this will likely happen again this afternoon. High & thin cirrus clouds will be moving in from the North & West ahead of tomorrow’s front. Aside from this, there is no change since yesterday.

Tonight, skies will cloud over as an area of low pressure and trailing cold front push into the Northwest. This will bring light and scattered showers to Southern Oregon Friday but very little measurable rain is expected, if any at all.

By Saturday, clouds will clear out and above average temperatures will return. High temperatures will climb into the 70’s across West Side Valleys for both Saturday and Sunday. Looks like rain may be on the way for Wednesday night & Thursday of next week. Until then, conditions will remain dry with just changes in cloud cover from day to day.

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Meteorologist Alyssa Caroprese