More Storms Likely Sunday & Monday

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With the existing wildfires, air quality is now being impacted. Through Saturday afternoon Klamath Falls was reading unhealthy, Crater Lake unhealthy for sensitive groups, and Medford and Lakeview moderate. Smoke and haze can be seen across most of the webcams, and just across much of our region in general. In fact, the fires can even be seen on radar ..still producing plumes of pyrocumulus clouds with very light rain detected. This rain however was likely not reaching the ground. Visiblities are reduced as a result of the fires also …especially in Klamath County. Winds are spreading smoke north and east across Northern California and across Southern Oregon, meaning the upper level winds are out of the southwest.

Isolated thunderstorms are possible into Saturday evening east of the Cascades ..and we already saw one cell track through Northern Klamath and Lake Counties, producing significant lightning. The NWS issued a severe thunderstorm warning on this storm. Once the sun sets though, any storms that developed will die out.

More is to come as well; Sunday and Monday look to be active across the Klamath Basin with widespread storms. Monday appears to be scattered over Siskiyou County and we could potentially see storms travel over the Siskiyous into Jackson County. A fire weather watch in effect for Sunday afternoon through Monday evening to account for the lightning threat.

The storm threat will finally come to an end by Wednesday. At this point dry weather will take over ..keeping skies mostly sunny but hazy and smokey. Fire season is now upon us here in Southern Oregon.

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Meteorologist Alyssa Caroprese