More Snow Early, then Rain & Wet Weekend

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Cold air is trapped in the Western Valleys, including the Rogue, Illinois, Applegate, Shasta and Scott’s Valleys. An approaching storm will spread light snow over the region in the morning, so slush may build up briefly on overpasses and side-roads; as well as grassy surfaces. However, snow levels will rise to about 2,500 feet by afternoon and any steady morning snow will turn to showers or end by sunset.

A much stronger storm will spread heavy rain to the Coast and interior valleys, with high winds in the mountains, Shasta County and the Klamath and Lake Counties…and the snow level rising to about 4,000 feet. Monday morning snow levels will drop and heavy snow is expected in the mountains and as low as 2,000 feet. There will be another strong storm on Tuesday night and Wednesday…before the weather turns a bit quieter later in the week.


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  1. Carl says:

    Could anybody tell me why the forecasts says….”snow level @ 1200″” when all of Siskiyou County is was above that? Can’t somebody just say….”ground level?”

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