More Road Projects Could Come to Phoenix

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PHOENIX, Ore. — The high-profile Fern Valley Interchange Project in Phoenix will impact traffic during construction, and the problem could be amplified as additional projects in the city get underway.

The Believe Salon is just two months old, and owner Maggie Mena picked the Phoenix location with her clients in mind.

“I was like ‘am I just going to be busy with my own clients?’ but thankfully, I’m doing really good with walk-ins too,” said Mena.

Located just off North Main Street, her salon is likely to be impacted by traffic projects, both through the Oregon Department of Transportation and the city of Phoenix.

“Right now, since they’re not doing a lot of construction, they don’t say much, but I could just see it when they start doing it, maybe even lose a  little bit of my clients,” said Mena.

Empty storefronts can be seen all along North Main Street and it’s the goal of the Phoenix Urban Renewal Agency to help meet the city’s economic development goals.

“Boy, when I look around Phoenix, I see all the potential that’s here,” said executive director of the Phoenix Urban Renewal Agency, Marla Cates

After much public comment and traffic studies, the agency is recommending to the city council to change North Main Street to just a single lane, a move Cates thinks will bring more people out.

“To make Main Street more like Main Street and find a way to slow down the traffic so it can become more pedestrian friendly and much more friendly to smaller businesses,” said Cates.

Mena said she opened her salon knowing some construction was in the future, but knows in a few years when projects are complete, it will all be worth it.

“It’s going to help a lot, because even though right now they’re not doing anything, I’m getting some business out of it. I could just see if they do, do that, I’m going to be busy,” said Mena.


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  1. Glenn says:

    Bottleneck traffic through town just like Ashland, never mind traffic only growing heavier. Yeah, GREAT idea. Not.

  2. Glenn says:

    Slow down the traffic? The speed limit is already 35. What do these people want, 10 MPH… why not just turn it into a sidewalk only.

  3. Grant says:

    “After much public comment and traffic studies, the agency is recommending to the city council to change North Main Street to just a single lane, a move Cates thinks will bring more people out.”

    HAVE YOU LOST YOUR TINY LITTLE MINDS?!?? Creating congested, frustrating traffic jams is not the brightest plan in your book. Just what do you plan for Phoenix anyway, it’s just a miserable little town.

    Why is everyone from city council to the mayor so secretive about the ‘big plans’ for Phoenix? Why the huge construction project for a small interchange? The back room deals are flying around under cover of darkness. One can only assume the worst here, and visualize another Medford mall experience and huge construction projects of yet more tacky houses in the surrounding area.

    Nothing to contribute to the well-being of current residents or protecting or preserving the environment, such as it is. When will humans realize they must stop paving the planet?

  4. Laura says:

    Wow, we all must be absolutely floating in extra cash from various sources to be able to fund outlandish agendas such as this.

    1. John Jay says:

      Excellent point, Laura. Just where is all the funding coming from for these fantasy road projects?? Follow the money…….backroom deals and land grabs with ‘developers’ would be my guess. Our entire country needs to stop ‘developing’ and start IMPROVING what is already here; a much more sane alternative. Our infrastructure is failing and the only idea any of these city government hogs can seem to come up with is to build more. Corruption at it’s finest…

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