More Renovations for Downtown Ashland

11-10 jbo ashlandASHLAND, Ore. – The city of Ashland is looking to renovate its downtown yet again.

On December 17th, the city council will hear proposals for how to spend a $128,000 fund generated from hotel taxes.

The changes will include all of downtown, not just the plaza, and will be mostly aesthetic. Councilors say it won’t cost residents a dime, but there are some voicing concern.

About 500 people have signed a petition to change the color of the bricks in the plaza from the current grey to a color they say would be a bit more pleasing.

“The original plan that was given to us, the council, showed salmon colored pavers, not charcoal grey,” said City Councilor Carol Voisin. “So that’s what I thought was going to be there.”

Replacing the plaza bricks would cost around $20,000 out of $128,000 fund.

The council will hear proposals for renovations on December 17th.