More Jail Beds To Open In August

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GRANTS PASS, Ore. — Beginning in August, the days of cite and release for some Grants Pass criminals will be over. A contract allowing the city of Grants Pass to rent up to 30 jail beds was approved and is just weeks from kicking in.

Grants Pass Department of Public Safety officials say property crimes have seen a large increase recently and repeat offenders are becoming more and more common. Police say the added paperwork of multiple arrests takes time away from pro-active patrols. Josephine County Commissioner Keith Heck said a few more steps need to be taken before the additional beds will be available.

“Some deputies have to be re-hired, then we get into the union contracts and negotiations and they have a two week window. we’re hoping we might be able to speed that up,” said Heck.

The beds are being rented at a rate of $100 per day with at least 20, and as many as 30, beds available.

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  1. Grants Pass says:

    Lord help a criminal that crosses me. I live in GP and sometimes whooping the **** out of someone is what they need to wake up. Citing and releasing??? Sounds like catch and release, and we aren’t fishing.

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