Crews Respond to Two Early-Morning Fires

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MEDFORD, Ore. – Police and firefighters were busy again Friday morning investigating more small fires, one of which could be could be connected to the string of arson fires from earlier this week.

The first fire that broke out early Friday morning was behind Lepari’s Sports and Fitness on West Jackson, and was put out quickly. Police said it was caused by a pile of rags which were saturated with some kinds of oils. Firefighters said piling those oily rags can cause a chemical reaction which can cause them to catch fire on their own. Police said the fire was an accident.

A short time after that, crews responded to a second fire behind the Safeway in the Medford Center to knock down a fire in a brush pile. Police said that fire was human-caused, and characterized it as suspicious. They are looking into whether it is connected to the five arson fires that were set in West Medford on Wednesday.

Anyone with information on any of the suspicious fires is asked to contact Medford Police.