More Are Moving to Oregon

MEDFORD, Ore. — A new report says more people are moving to Oregon than most other states and more people moving into the area means a positive impact on the local housing market and the economy.

Local business leaders say it all has a domino effect. More people are coming into the area and bringing their money with them. They reinvest in the community, which entices more people to move in. A study by the moving company United Van Lines says Oregon is the top state in the country when it comes to people moving in.

Oregon only trails Washington D.C. in terms of most popular areas. Locally, real estate agents have also noticed a trend of out-of-town home buyers. In 2012, Jackson County saw 10% of its home sales bought by people form out of state. So far this month, that number has increased to 13%. They say one of the things that helps the Rogue Valley is how close it is to other popular areas.

“Last year we had a lot of money coming from California and from Portland. Those people, many of them were selling their properties in their hometowns and bringing their money here,” explained real estate broker Alice Lema.

Following Oregon on the list was Nevada, North Carolina and South Carolina. While Oregon trails Washington D.C. on the list, business leaders with the Medford Chamber say it’s for different reasons. People may be going to the capitol for government jobs and moving here because they like the area.