Mop-up Continues on Eagle Point Fire

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EAGLE POINT, Ore. – Crews from the Department of Forestry continue to mop up the remains of the Worthington Road fire near Eagle Point.

That fire is now contained after consuming nearly 100 acres. Officials say they’re still investigating what started it, but they’re confident it was human-caused.

While the flames spread along the nearby hillside, Christina Lynn Ford watched from her bedroom window just a few hundred feet away. She says she could see helicopters and the red glow from the fire just over the trees on her property.

As a pet owner, she says her biggest concern was figuring out how to evacuate.

“I was not looking forward to having to find a place to take birds and dogs,” said Ford. “I don’t know how many hotels are willing to have the squawkers with me.”

Fortunately, it wasn’t needed. Crews say the fire had more life than they expected, but it stopped growing by early evening.

“We had it pegged pretty well at 70 acres. It took off again and added another 24 acres to it. But that was its last gasp,” said ODF Fire Prevention Specialist Brian Ballou.

Ballou says aside from some destroyed trees farther uphill, most of it was limited to a grass fire. As for the cause, that’s still under investigation, but he says it wasn’t natural.

Used fireworks, spent bullet casings, and garbage littering the ground leave plenty of likely scenarios.

“We’re down to somebody doing something, whether it’s intentionally or accidentally, that did cause this wildfire,” said Ballou.

Ford says that wouldn’t surprise her.

“You’ll hear gunshots over there… ATV’s tearing down the road,” said Ford.

For now she says she’s glad she didn’t have to evacuate, and she could do without another fire anytime soon.

“It’s a beautiful area out here,” said Ford. “I want to keep it that way.”

Department of Forestry officials say they hope to have an answer for what caused that fire soon.

Depending on rainfall, crews may be able to finish cleaning up before Monday.