iPad Innovations Help Local Businesses

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MEDFORD, Ore. — A new piece of technology has some local companies thinking of ways to expand their business. Apple has released a new, more powerful version of the iPad. As local companies have shown, each new innovation has helped them take big leaps in their businesses.

If anyone knows the value of new tech, it’s Montrue Technologies. The company won the 2012 Southern Oregon Angel Investment for it’s emergency room iPad app. When the iPad Mini was released, their product got more versatile. The company is getting involved with several hospitals across the country.

Tuesday’s release of a more powerful iPad has Alan Oppenheimer exited to get his hands on it. Oppenheimer works with Art Authority, whose iPad app showcases thousands of the world’s finest works of art in stunning detail and the new iPad broadens their canvas.

The companies say one of the challenges of new technology is a new price. The 128 gigabyte iPad is currently being sold by Apple for $799.