Monica’s Attorney Speaks Out

monicaMEDFORD, Ore. — The attorney for Susan Monica said her team could consider a self-defense case as they head toward trial. But those attorneys are also trying to make sure Monica’s actions don’t jeopardize the entire case.

At her arraignment, Monica spoke out against the wishes of her attorney and Judge Lorenzo Mejia, and asked that her pigs be butchered and donated. Now, Monica’s attorney, Christine Herbert, said Monica has tried to make statements claiming her innocence. Herbert acknowledged that Monica tried to make public comments that she committed the crime in self-defense.

Herbert says anything Monica says could be used against her at trial, and is asking her client not to speak to anyone while she is in jail and awaiting trial.

“It very much complicates things because it could compromise the defense,” Herbert said.

Monica was arrested in early January, and is accused of killing and dismembering the bodies of Robert Haney, and a second person who has not been identified. Police searched her property in Wimer for three weeks, and finally left last Thursday.

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  1. Dawn Haney says:

    She is guity as sin and she knows she did these crimes. How can anyone defend her for such a horrible act of crime against another human being. She is a vile, evile monster and I hope they give her the death penalty. My cousin had as much right to live as she did and she deprived him of living and seeing his children growing up and of ever knowing his grandchildren.

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