Monica Speaks Out On Investigation

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MEDFORD, Ore. – The Wimer woman accused of killing two people on her property is revealing what she claims are new details about the investigation, and she says deputies have been keeping an eye on her for several years.

Monica was arrested in early January for the murders of 56-year-old Robert Haney, and a second person who has not been identified. After the arrest, investigators spent more than two weeks at her property along West Evans Creek Road in Wimer.

In a jailhouse phone call with Monica, NewsWatch 12 asked why she thought deputies were at her property for so long.

“They knew where one body was and it took them two weeks to find it,” Monica said.

NewsWatch 12 asked Monica how deputies would know where a body was.

“One of the detectives was out there two years ago,” she replied.

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office has said that the unidentified victim may have been killed in 2012. As NewsWatch 12 questioned Monica on her statement, she said deputies began investigating her two years ago, and said they had been looking for a body. When Newswatch 12 asked why a deputy had been looking for a body, Monica refused to answer.

“I’m not going to get into that.”

The Jackson County Sheriff’s office said they could not access information from that period because the criminal investigation is still active.

In the interview, Monica changed her story several times, at first claiming she did not kill the two people, then saying she killed the unidentified person in self-defense. She claimed she does not know how Haney died. When NewsWatch 12 asked Monica why she did not call the police, Monica said it was because she was scared of being accused of murder.

Monica is currently in the Jackson County Jail on charges of murder, abuse of a corpse, and identity theft. Her next court date is set for March.