Monica Explains Relationship to Victims

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MEDFORD, Ore. — The Wimer woman accused of killing two people at her home is saying she’s innocent, and now she is giving us firsthand details about how she knew the victims.

Susan Monica called NewsWatch 12 from inside the Jackson County Jail, in an attempt, she said, to get public support. Monica has been in the jail since early January, when she was arrested for killing two people on her property in Wimer. One victim was 56-year-old Robert Haney, and the second victim has not been identified. Monica is also charged with two counts of abuse of a corpse.

Monica’s answers changed repeatedly during the conversation about whether she killed Haney and the second victim. At first, she claimed she did not murder them, or dismember their bodies, as she is accused of doing. Later, she said she killed the still-unidentified victim in self-defense but would not explain any specific details about how that person died. She also claimed to not know how Haney’s body ended up at her home.

“It was self-defense, that’s all I’m going to say,” Monica said about the unidentified victim’s death. “As far as the other case [Haney], I have no idea how he got on the property.”

Monica said she didn’t remember how she met Haney, but said he lived on her property for a short time and did odd jobs for her. Investigators are accusing Monica of stealing Haney’s identity and using his Oregon Trails Card. Monica claims Haney loaned her the card to buy food.

“He gave the card to me, and I was using it to feed other people,” she said.

NewsWatch 12 asked Monica if she continued to use the card after Haney died, but she would not answer.

“I can’t get into that,” she said.

Monica’s attorney, Christine Herbert, previously told NewsWatch 12 that Monica’s attempts to make public comments may harm her case. When pressed for details on what happened, Monica deferred to her attorney.

“My lawyer says don’t say anything,” Monica said.


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  1. Annie says:

    So again the media is conducting their own ‘trial’. Is this necessary? The woman is a murderer, a liar, user,abuser, thief, & a fraud. Maybe this is the kind of people the media sees as heroes??
    It is illegal to use a OTC for anyone by anyone without prior written authorization. How many counts do we need?
    Innocent til proven guilty, yes. But to attempt to influence any jury is wrong. Self defense does not warrant dismemberment of the victim. Are we supposed to believe these people were still fighting after she killed them? I for 1 am sick of all this necessary drama & glorifying a real creep. Why does the media feel they need to give her so much attention?
    Someone, please answer. WHY DO WE NEED THIS???

  2. Dawn Haney says:

    My cousin would never have given Susan Monica his foodstamp card to feed other people, when he needed it to feed himself, she is a liar and a cold blooded killer. She says she doesn’t know how Robert got on her property in one sentance and then in the next says he was working for her and then gave her his food stamp card, what kind of idiot ‘s does she think the public is! She hired my cousin off a craigs list posting and his sister told me she claims Robert was in the pig pen and the pigs were pushing him around and he was making some sounds so she got a gun and shot him and left his body in with the pigs.
    If he was still alive why didn’t she kill the pigs, or get him out of the pen and call for help since she says he was alive and makings noises when the pigs moved his body around, why get a gun and shoot him and leave him to the pigs? I’ll tell you why because she shot him and threw him to the pigs and left him there, she is like a reptile, cold blooded and devoid of any human feelings or compassion. She needs to die in the most horribly way the state of Oregon can come up with to destroy her and make her suffer like she made my cousin suffer and then she should have her body abused like she did to my cousin and the other victim..God forgive me for feeling this way, because we are suppose to forgive our enemies, but at this time I cannot forgive this vile person for what she did to my cousin and his family.

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