Moms for Marijuana Rally on Tuesday

Marijuana GrowMEDFORD, Ore. — Local activists say some cannabis users have had their children taken away by Child Protective Services solely because marijuana is present in the home.

Lindsey Rinehart is organizing Tuesday’s rally and is new to Southern Oregon. She says she is not sure of how common this is locally, but she says she knows all too well that it does happen after having her children taken from her for more than two weeks.

While living in Idaho and being a vocal activist for the legalization of medical marijuana, she had her children taken by Child Protective Services on grounds of neglect because cannabis and paraphernalia was found in the house.

After 17 days, her children were returned to her and she says no charges were ever filed. Now she wants to make sure this doesn’t happen to anyone else. The Southern Oregon Chapter of Moms for Marijuana is fairly new and will hold a rally tomorrow outside the Jackson County Court.

“We need to make sure that C.P.S. knows, D.H.S. knows that we are, as a nation and even internationally, calling for reform of their organization and we can all support each other by banding together and doing what needs to be done to make sure this doesn’t happen to any more families,” said Rinehart.

Rinehart says a leader of the Portland Chapter of Moms for Marijuana had her children taken from her last year in a similar situation. Other rallies will take place cities from Portland, to Atlanta to Berlin, Germany. The first meeting for Southern Oregon Moms for Marijuana will also take place this Friday.


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  1. Kelly says:

    Stop smoking weed around your kids. Marijuana negatively affects a childs brain, obviously it has affected yours too. You don’t smoke cigarettes around your kids but you seem to think weed is O.K. that is why you lost your kids. Stop blaming others for your own actions.

  2. Ed says:

    Let’s add dad’s and grandparent’s to. my grandchildren were taken from my daughter by CPS in Texas. A year and a half later she gets them back and no charges were filed on her.

  3. Ed says:

    Just a thought, If the state gives you a ommp card, they should not be able to take your kids because they gave you a card.

  4. Dean says:

    Isn’t it easier and more effective to just not do drugs. I know a person who is an alcoholic that had their kids removed and no one thinks that is wrong. If you use crack , cocaine , meth, or have any kind of drug problem you run the risk of losing your kids. I don’t understand the argument. Pot gets somewhat legalized and people forget that it’s a drug and they have an addiction. I’ve seen a lot of these grow sites and I certainly wouldn’t want my kids raised at one.

  5. Annie says:

    Of course! It is very important to keep generation after generation brainwashed into believing drugs–recreational drugs-is a good thing. (Recreational??? Even the term is stupid!)
    Having 2 kids brain damaged from their parent’s use of the crud is a really good reminder that illegal drugs should remain illegal & if these people are jeopardizing their children the kids should be removed from the danger. Just because someone is a mother doesn’t mean it is a smart mother. Pot ensures that.
    Not sure what the statistics are now but I read that 1, that is ONE ‘medical’ pot user in 1000 is an actual legitimate medical pot case.
    Look at the pot websites & there is absolutely NOTHING about medicine. The names of the various strains of pot has info relating to buzzes, & highs & various ‘ recreational’ effects.
    The 1 thing none of them mentioned is the side effect of usage –It makes the user stupid & lazy ! & they think the responsible people who have to carry the weight of these addicts should be stupid & lazy , too.

  6. Christine says:

    The question raised by this article that should concern readers is if removing children from their families and placing them with foster families is more beneficial to the child than staying with their imperfect parents? To answer that question you need to know what the child’s experience will be as a ward of your State such as the physical and mental regression that is a typical characteristic of the cycle all children display when removed from their families. By regression I mean the once potty trained child will begin defecating in their pants/ bed wetting, emotionally withdraw, many stop speaking, develop comfort behaviors such as thumb sucking, become isolated, violently act out, develop self loathing, barriers to learning, inability to trust/connect, and a dire need for intensive therapy. This indicates that removing children from their families is grossly traumatic for every child, the magnitude of the trauma is astonishing, ruthlessly minimized like we see here, and many just ignore it all together. Removing children from pot smoking parents is more dangerous than leaving children in their care, therefore any efforts made to remove children from these parents is clearly outside the child’s best interest all together and even increases a child’s vulnerability to real physical, medical and sexual abuse by as much as 60% as is average for shelter care services (It’s also VERY expensive for the tax payer).

    In addition it’s unnecessary because several reputable studies show that unlike other substances marijuana has zero physically addictive properties, is psychologically addictive in only 9% of users, is the easiest substance to quit including legal substances like caffeine, and has zero serious withdrawal symptoms, It is no more life threatening to pets or children than table sugar and coffee is (other than when it is burned and creates smoke because all smoke is toxic) therefore treatment should be extremely successful, if it’s even needed. There are no conclusive studies done that I am aware of that show exposure to marijuana itself impairs a child’s development either in utero or after, however shelter care causes serious developmental problems in children 100% of the time.

    1. Dean says:

      Well that’s a shame that the child’s only choice is to grow up with pot heads or become an illiterate, violent , bed wetter. Gee , if only their parents could have chosen their child’s life over drugs. I also don’t need some skewed hippie study out of high times magazine to tell me that only 9% of users are addicted. What makes them “users” in the first place? That’s right , get a bunch of pot heads together and ask them if they are addicted and only 9% will tell the truth. The only study I need is to look back at high school. We all knew who the stoners were. They were the losers. “Loser”is never listed as a side effect.

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