Mohamud Trial Begins

PORTLAND, Ore. — On Thursday, jury selection began for the man accused of trying to detonate a bomb during an Oregon Christmas tree lighting ceremony.

Thursday morning, jury selection is scheduled to begin, for the trial of Mohamed Mohamud. According to the FBI, Mohamud intended to kill thousands in a Portland bombing in November of 2010.

The bomb was fake, and had been supplied to Mohamud by undercover agents. Mohamud’s defense team has suggested they will pursue an entrapment defense.


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  1. Jan says:

    It figures that his sleeze bag lawyers would try to prove entrapment. And they’ll drag this out as long as they can so they can line their already moneybulging pockets. I hope the jury isn’t foolish enought to fall for their garbage.

  2. Paul Heishman says:

    Mohamud was a teenager who the FBI identified as heading in the wrong direction. With their decades of experience and wisdom they decided that is was in the best interest of the Republic to encourage his thoughts of hatred by supplying undercover agents to act as friends who would lead him further down the wrong road. They supported him, encouraged him, and ultimately led him into pushing a button that allegedly he thought would kill a number of people. This story reminded me of the Milgram experiment on obedience. While there are differences between the Milgram experiment and this case, the lesson is that you can lead an individual in either direction. Mohamud was given a choice, as was the FBI and the FBI chose to make Mohamud worse. I’m not impressed and the Republic is not stronger.

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