Modified Truck Keeps Box Racing

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CENTRAL POINT, Ore. — Kelsey Box comes from a racing family.

“I’ve been growing up and raised with anything with a motor pretty much so it’s been a part of my life forever,” said Box.

Box started racing in 2008. Since then, she’s raced countless times, at high speeds, navigating tough turns. In January of 2013, Box, got in a single car wreck.

“I was in the ICU for three or four days, then I went up another level to rehab and I was in rehab for about three weeks,” said Box. “They said I was going to be there for two months but I wasn’t going to have that happen.”

The extent of the injuries left her paralyzed from the waist down.

“At first it didn’t hit me because all I was really wanting was to get out of the hospital but once I got home it hit me really hard and to be honest with you I still really haven’t accepted it because it’s only been a year and a few months,” said Box.

Box didn’t let her disability keep her from racing. Her family helped he design a truck that she can operate with only the use of her hands. For those few minutes she’s behind the wheel, Box can once again focus on what she loves.

“Everything just want away,” said Box. “Every problem, me having a disability, nobody’s seeing that when I was out there on the track. For a moment, you know, I forgot, so it helps me a whole lot. That’s the reason I went back to it.”

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  1. Bernadette Box says:

    Just wanted to let Chris Leone know thank you so much for our daughters interview. It made her feel so great to be on tv. He did an excellent job. Also you can let him know that she placed 1st place on Friday night, 1st place on Saturday afternoon & 1st place on Saturday night. Her total wins for the weekend besides feeling more like her self again was $450.00 which will be put towards her trip to Redmond, Or for the Central Oregon Off Road Park. She will be back to racing off road at their opening season April 26th. Thanks again for the great job. Robert & Bernadette Box

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