MLK, Jr. Day Celebrated In Ashland

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ASHLAND, Ore. — Organizers say this holiday served as evidence that King’s ideals are being carried forward. The 25th Martin Luther King, Jr. Day to be observed in Ashland comes on the same day as Barack Obama’s second inauguration.

The Historic Ashland Armory was the center of this year’s celebration, which included a march through downtown Ashland to Lithia Park, where the famous “I Have A Dream Speech” was re-broadcast. With President Obama’s second inauguration today, the event organizers wanted to focus on the steps made since King’s famous speech.

“Today being the inauguration, the second inauguration for an African-American President in the United States, we’re moving forward,” said organizer Claudia Alick.

Monday’s event in Ashland also featured groups from SOU, Ashland High School, Scenic Middle School, Ashland Dance Works and the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. The emcee was SOU Journalism Professor D.L. Richardson.