Mistletoe Girl Challenges City

portland kidBy Dan Cassuto

(CNN) — An 11-year-old entrepreneur from Oregon is challenging lawmakers after being told she could beg in the park, but not sell her mistletoe.

Madison Root was told she couldn’t sell mistletoe at the Saturday Market in Portland because she didn’t have a permit.

Portland Parks Bureau says you still need a license to sell, but you can always just beg. It’s enough to send Madison on a new mission to send a message about work ethic.

“I don’t want to beg! I would rather work for something than beg,” she says.

Madison was trying to sell mistletoe to raise money to help pay for her braces. Madison says agrees there should be rules about who’s allowed to sell. She thinks there should be an exception for kids.

She knows she’s allowed to sell on the sidewalk outside the market, but that’s not where the customers are.