Mission Preparing for Cold Weather

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MEDFORD, Ore. — With cold weather headed our way, the homeless in Southern Oregon are seeking out warming shelters.

The Mission opens its doors once it hits 32 degrees or below, but despite the cold, staff at the Medford Gospel Mission are not seeing many people coming in. The director says there are several homeless people who choose to stay outside.

Those who do choose to stay outside camp out near the railroads or under the bridges. The director says they have sleeping bags, blankets and some form of shelter to survive the weather.

The few people who do come in are not from the Southern Oregon area. They are traveling through Medford from a different state.

Several residents at the Mission say they are thankful the warming center exists. They say they are not prepared to try and survive the freezing temperatures.

The mission has a policy: anyone staying at the mission must be sober. If not, the person will have to stay at the Moore Center.

The Mission can help up to a hundred people. They have not reached that number this year, though they did reach that number last year.