Missing Woman on Mt. Ashland Found

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MT. ASHLAND, Ore. — Family members reflect on the grueling overnight search for a woman lost on Mount Ashland. She was found safe this afternoon.

52-year old Carol Koon is safe after getting lost on Mount Ashland for nearly 24-hours. Helicopters rescued Koon after searching through blizzard-like conditions overnight.

Search and rescue crews from six counties, snowmobile clubs, volunteers, and even civil air patrol all took part in the search to bring Koon home. The Chiloquin resident went missing around two o’clock Sunday afternoon after leaving the lodge to ski the back bowl area of the mountain.

Officials say she ended up getting lost in stormy conditions and taking shelter for the night in a wilderness horse corral eight miles from the lodge. They say she heard the search efforts through the night, but couldn’t reach anyone because her cell phone had died.

That was until Monday morning, when she tried again to call her husband and managed to get through. Family members say they had nearly given up hope because the weather conditions were so extreme.

Officials say Koon is in good condition. They say the size and length of the search is unusual, but they do get one or two missing people on Mount Ashland each year. They advise skiers or hikers in who do get lost to stay put rather than try to search for help on their own.

Photo from Jackson County Sheriff’s Office.