Remains of Missing Man Found

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MEDFORD, Ore. — A body has been found in a rural part of Southern Oregon. Medical examiners have yet to confirm his identity, but evidence found near the body is leading police to one person.

Around 11 a.m. on Sunday, a Rogue River resident called police, telling them he found a decomposed body and a car. When Medford Police got to upper grave creek road, they confirmed that it was 87-year-old Truman Tollefson’s car.

Police also found Tollefson’s wallet, money and watch on the body. Police believe Tollefson got stuck as he tried to turn around at a dead end.

Officers believe there was little chance of anyone finding him, unless someone happened to drive on that road. Tollefson’s family also believe that the body found is Truman. The family agrees with police that there was no foul play involved but say they do not understand why Tollefson would drive that far.

“They haven’t confirmed what happened, how he got there. Whether he, obviously he got lost, but how he could possibly get that lost,” said Amanda Wolfe, Tollefson’s granddaughter

Medford Police say some of Tollefson’s family members told them he had memory issues. A week before he went missing, they told police he couldn’t find his house and parked on his front lawn.

On the other hand, other family members NewsWatch12 spoke with on Monday say he was mentally stable. The medical examiners are working on a positive identification, which should be confirmed in the next couple of days.