Missing Grants Pass Teen Found Safe

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GRANTS PASS, Ore. — A missing person’s case investigated by Grants Pass police since 2010 has come to a close with the young women being located. Samantha Hicks was just 15 when she was reported missing after running away from her family in December of 2010.

If it weren’t for Samantha Hick’s appetite and a national pizza chain’s receipt, Grants Pass Police and Samantha Hicks’ family may still be wondering where she is and if she’s okay.

In late 2010 15 year-old Samantha was reported missing and was last known to be on a bus headed to Seattle. Years went by without hearing a word, but police continued to chase possible leads all over the country from Louisville Kentucky, to Indianapolis, Indiana.

Dozens of tips poured in from across the country while she was missing, including some that came in as recently as November. Then, on New Year’s Eve, Grants Pass got a call from a now 18 year-old Hicks who was safe and had been living in Utah.

“She didn’t realize she was listed nationally as a missing person, and so one day she ordered Domino’s pizza and as she looked at the back of the receipt, she saw her picture,” said Grants Pass Police Sgt. Dan Evans.

Grants Pass Police got her back in touch with her mother and say they have patched things up and Samantha is trying to make her way back to Grants Pass.


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  1. Lisa DeCordova says:

    I am traveling to meford tomorrow sat if she needs a ride please let me know on my email. I would be happy to give you a ride my dear i am glad you are ok!!!!!


  2. Desiree Smith says:

    So here is my story: My name is Desiree and I live in the state of Virginia. I receive Redplum coupons in the mail that have the “Have you seen me?” advertisements on the back. I glance at these whenever I see them. I saw Samantha’s missing person profile when the coupons came in the mail on 12/9/13. I glanced at hers and what I really caused me to pause is that we have the same birthday, 11/2. She was born in the year I graduated college. I felt really moved to pray to God for her-I have never seen anyone else missing that had the same birthday as me (although there are probably some I just don’t know about). I prayed, and I kept that coupon, but set it off to the side with my other things. As the Holidays became hectic my thoughts were directed elsewhere. Then today, Saturday 1/11/14, I was going through some things and I found it. Back when I had first received the coupon, I didn’t take the time to look into the circumstances of her case-I just immediately started praying for her. Today I felt prompted to do a search about her case online. Imagine my amazement when I saw that she’s been found! Saw herself and made the decision to come forward! What struck me about her story this time is that she is in Utah and her and her Mom are patching things up. My Mom moved away to Ogden, Utah when I was 18 and I did not see her for 15 + years-it strained our relationship, but we remained in contact by phone. I finally got to see my Mom again when I went to Utah not long before she passed away from Breast Cancer on 12/8/10-a little more than a week before Samantha went missing on 12/17/10, which also I forgot to mention is my Father’s birthday. It is just so wild to read this news article dated 1/9/14 and think, here I am just 2 days later looking her up and finding out she’s no longer missing! Samantha, if this is you, I am so happy you are ok and that you and your Mom are in contact again! It may not be easy but it is a good thing!

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