Missing Child Reunited With Mother

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ASHLAND, Ore. – A child was reunited with his biological mom Friday morning, after his biological father took their child without consent.

The three year old had been listed as missing in the state of California, but Thursday evening the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office received a tip from Arcata police regarding a possible sighting of the suspect. The man in question, Ramin Ahadi, of Arcata was the child’s biological father and had been involved in the child custody case.

Ahadi was spotted in Ashland with California plates on a pink 1980 Volkswagen. Five people were in the vehicle at the time including the missing child, his wife and their two children. Ahadi was taken into custody while the three year old was taken to a safe location until being reunited with his biological mother Friday morning.

After investigating, officials determined the Volkswagen had been stolen out of Eugene and painted pink within the last several days. Ahadi currently remains in the Jackson County Jail where he is charged with custodial interference, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and criminal mischief 1. His bail is set at $55,000.


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  1. Nancy MArquez says:

    Good thing that the child was safe. But this incident may serve as a lesson for us that we should take extra precautions speaking for our safety. The good thing here is that the kid was not hurt or what. But as a parent let us not wait that something bad would happen to our children before we make a move. Let’s try to consider “what if’s” rather than taking risk. Good thing I heard about this safety service. Making me feel that I’m not alone.In just a press of a panic button I know help will come. Try to goggle safekidzone in any browsers your comfortable with.

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