Mining Vehicle Makes Trek Across World

MERLIN, Ore. – A major piece of mining equipment is taking a trek from pole to pole, and stopping in Southern Oregon along the way.

The Alaska Mines Corporation, whose owners are from Oregon, recently purchased the “T-Rex,” a large, rugged transport vehicle, from an expedition in Antarctica. The group is having the vehicle shipped from Antarctica to its mining operation in Nome, Alaska.

The T-Rex was taken by barge from Antarctica to Los Angeles, and is being transported north on Interstate 5 to Seattle. From there, it will once again be put on a barge and taken to Nome.

The owners said the journey should be complete in June. On Tuesday, it made a stop at a rest area north of Merlin.

“It’s on a trip, it’s an adventure from the South Pole to, basically, the North Pole,” said owner Tom Hice. “We have a gold mining venture up there that’s kind of remote on the Seward Peninsula, it’s about as far away as you can get from anyplace.”

Hice said the vehicle will help transport mining equipment and personnel at their remote mining location in Nome.