Military Looks at Ashland Police Program

Ash sexual assault panelASHLAND, Ore. — A panel created by the Department of Defense is taking a close look at an Ashland program designed to help victims of sexual assault. One Ashland officer recently returned to southern Oregon after showing how the program can help sexual assault reporting in the military.

The program is called “You Have Options.” It’s designed to help victims of sexual assault come forward by connecting them to important services and trained workers.

Deputy Chief Corey Falls presented the program to a congressional panel that has been looking into the way the military handles sexual assault cases.

“We know the amount of work that has gone into this program over the past few years, and to see it starting to pay off made us feel well,” Falls said.

A report by the Pentagon said it found 26,000 instances of unwanted sexual contact, a 37 percent increase over the past two years.