Miles Talks About Retirement Decision

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KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. — Danny Miles recently announced that 2016 will be his last season coaching basketball at Oregon Tech. Miles originally was going to coach for another four or five years but pushed up the end date for a couple of reasons. Ultimately, after more than four decades in coaching, Miles is ready to move on, and the 2016 deadline gives him enough time to smoothly transition out of his coaching duties.

“I’m not ready to get out right yet,” Miles said. “I feel good about the kids that are here. I don’t want to let kids down that I promised something to, so I feel very good about it. I got two more years to coach and then I’ll be turning 70 and 45 years coaching this game. It’s been a lot of great moments but it’s time to do something else.”

Miles said as much as he’s loved coaching, he’s looking forward to retirement life. He’s planning to get a house along the Rogue River and there are some things he’s actually looking forward to leaving behind.

“I can’t wait to never go through Christmas Valley again at three in the morning coming home from a road trip from College of Idaho, that’s going to be great and not having to go to La Grande, Oregon is going to be wonderful, so there’s a lot of things like that I won’t miss at all,” Miles said. “I’m not going to miss the bus trips or things like that but I will miss the kids and the fans. We’ve had tremendous fan support here that’s second to none and the people are really special here and that’s why I’ve stayed all these years.”

Miles said he’s confident that Oregon Tech will find a good coach to replace him, but once he retires, he’s going to have a hands-off approach with the team. Miles said he thinks it would be best to stay out of the new coach’s way and let that coach run the team the way he sees fit.